Sounds like home


︎ Research compilation

︎ Bookbinding
︎ Ladder planning
Sounds like home is a project focused on a light exploration of the dialect regions of the state of North Carolina. My goal for the piece was to make it as interactive as I could, so I used vellum sheets for the majority of the body of the book with a removeable map of each region to be placed behind them for context.

Enjoy below pictures of the print project, check out the publication’s content on Issuu︎︎︎, or keep scrolling to see my process for making the book.


Printing the book was its own beast: before creating the final project, I printed two dummy books to make sure each of the pages lined up and to figure out which of the pages needed to be printed on the backs of others (duplexed).

I also created a couple different InDesign files once I figured out which pages needed to be duplexed—one for the content to be printed on regular paper, and one for content to be printed on the vellum paper. Because the book itself is about half the size of a sheet of standard printer paper, I was able to print two pages on each sheet of paper.