MRC is a brand design studio based in downtown Raleigh.

Holiday card

My first project in the office was to design the company holiday card for the 2021 holiday season. Through workshopping with the team, I was able to curate a design that paid homage retro designs of holiday cards and postcards of the 1960s and 70s, complete with an old photo of a decked-out Christmas Fayetteille St. in downtown Raleigh. I was also able to add a special highlight to the fourth floor window of Raleigh Municipal Building where the MRC office is as well—a small detail that will delight those who notice it.

Year in Review — a newsletter and scrapbook

I had the privilege to work with everybody in the office to curate the Year in Review through ideation all the way to delivery and publication. The end product was an email newsletter with an additional scrapbook PDF.

View the Year in Review blog post on the website and the scrapbook on Issuu!

A PDF view of the email newsletter is available here.

Monthly Newsletters

I have been responsible for curating monthly e-mail newsletters for both the MRC brand and for Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce. Check them out —
    January 2022: MRC & Burny Wild’s
    February 2022: MRC & Burny Wild’s