MRC is a brand design studio based in downtown Raleigh.

Holiday card

My first project in the office was to design the company holiday card for the 2021 holiday season. Through workshopping with the team, I was able to curate a design that paid homage retro designs of holiday cards and postcards of the 1960s and 70s, complete with an old photo of a decked-out Christmas Fayetteille St. in downtown Raleigh. I was also able to add a special highlight to the fourth floor window of Raleigh Municipal Building where the MRC office is as well—a small detail that will delight those who notice it.

Year in Review — a newsletter and scrapbook

I had the privilege to work with everybody in the office to curate the Year in Review through ideation all the way to delivery and publication. The end product was an email newsletter with an additional scrapbook PDF.

View the Year in Review blog post on the website and the scrapbook on Issuu!

A PDF view of the email newsletter is available here.

Monthly Newsletters

I have been responsible for curating monthly e-mail newsletters for both the MRC brand and for Burny Wild’s Adventure Sauce. Check them out —
    January 2022: MRC & Burny Wild’s
    February 2022: MRC & Burny Wild’s


Project brief — “For this project, you will select a piece of media and adapt/remix/redesign/rethink it in another medium. This could be an essay you turn into a podcast, a YouTube video you turn into a zine, or a movie you turn into a book.”

Frank Ocean’s Pink + White is the third track off his 2016 album Blonde. I can remember the first time I ever heard it—driving home from a friend’s house in my junior year of high school after spending hours working on our high school’s literary magazine. I was probably speeding a little bit, flying down a county road not far from my house, but the winter air was crisp and the sky was orange as the sun was setting, and even though I was stressed about my homework and the magazine, I caught a few minutes of peace. I remember that drive like it was yesterday—the feeling of in-between, the dance I was doing between stress and love for school, between youth and leaving home soon, and between who I was and who I wanted to become. All of this was pretty melodramatic for a 16 year old, sure, but the feelings themselves were incredibly poingant.

With all of this in mind, I created the zine with the intention of communicating those feelings of nostalgia, growth, and the in-between. One of Blonde’s main threads is duality, and I have always found myself drawn to that theme in particular. Below are some of my favorite spreads and detail shots, as well as the cover.

See the whole publication on Issuu




Painted Cooler

Right before COVID-19 changed everything, I spent the spring semester leading up to spring break planning, designing, and painting an IGLOO cooler to take to Alabama with some friends. I was pretty proud of how it turned out!


Graphics designed during the COVID-19 pandemic

“in this incredible time of strange upheaval and disruption, i’ve dealt with my fair share of anxiety and stress about the future and my academics and my friends and family, as everyone has. one of the things that has helped me find peace has been the faith i built—rather quietly—through high school and into college. my family has heavy involvement with the methodist church, and i have always been proud of that (i wrote one of my college essays about it!). i have found an incredible safety and comfort in the communities that exist within these spaces. i tend not to be overly outspoken about it—i know everyone has their own spaces and communities they fold into in times like this. that being said, in sharing these graphics i’m hoping to share some of the light i’ve been so lucky to have throughout my adolescence and young adulthood. i hope that there is solace to be found in the people around you, and that if not, there is solace to be found in the quiet and stillness we are all in, both together and in solitude.”

Wolfpack Outfitters 2020 Contest:

Winning t-shirt designed in conjunction with LilyGrace Wolfe

We entered our collaborative t-shirt design to the annual Wolfpack Outfitters t-shirt contest. We drew inspiration from old postcards, and each of the elements within the letters is a drawing of a campus landmark.

We were announced as the winners at the NC State vs. Florida State basketball game! LilyGrace was at a dance competition, so I represented us both at the game.

Greek Busts

Fifty states series

In 2019, I drew each of the fifty states with the state’s motto inside of it. Each state is available on stickers, mugs, t-shirts, and much more on my Redbubble.




Graphic designed during the COVID-19 pandemic; shared on Instagram @ec.dzn and @ec.arter


Graphic designed during the COVID-19 pandemic; shared on Instagram @ec.arter and @windhover_


Graphic designed during the COVID-19 pandemic; shared on Instagram @windhover_



Over Yonder is a hypothetical conference aimed at bringing together and highlighting different and diverse communities in the South.

In development of the concept, I was very inspired by the true diversity of the South and the assumptions people have about its communities—and I was inspired especially by how wrong so many of those assumptions are. The text (if not written by myself) and photography (save for my baby picture on page 7) are from my favorite blog, The Bitter Southerner.

My goal for the publication was to explore the realities of community in the Southern US today.

See the whole publication here.



As the first project in sophomore typography, I was assigned a typeface to analyze and diagram. These are my five initial studies and my final amalgamation of the studies into one informative poster.


The final project for typography was to select and lay out an old text in the Van De Graaf canon, a grid used in the layout of texts printed in the golden age of the printing press. The white space on the page not only allows readers to comfortably hold their book but also allows for a continuous reading experience through the entirety of the text as the canon reflects the natural movement of the human eye.

See the whole project here