Pink + White


︎ Layout design
︎ Adobe InDesign

Project brief — “For this project, you will select a piece of media and adapt/remix/redesign/rethink it in another medium. This could be an essay you turn into a podcast, a YouTube video you turn into a zine, or a movie you turn into a book.”

Frank Ocean’s Pink + White is the third track off his 2016 album Blonde. I can remember the first time I ever heard it—driving home from a friend’s house in my junior year of high school after spending hours working on our high school’s literary magazine. I was probably speeding a little bit, flying down a county road not far from my house, but the winter air was crisp and the sky was orange as the sun was setting, and even though I was stressed about my homework and the magazine, I caught a few minutes of peace. I remember that drive like it was yesterday—the feeling of in-between, the dance I was doing between stress and love for school, between youth and leaving home soon, and between who I was and who I wanted to become. All of this was pretty melodramatic for a 16 year old, sure, but the feelings themselves were incredibly poingant.

With all of this in mind, I created the zine with the intention of communicating those feelings of nostalgia, growth, and the in-between. One of Blonde’s main threads is duality, and I have always found myself drawn to that theme in particular. Below are some of my favorite spreads and detail shots, as well as the cover.

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