Just for fun

8/2018 – ongoing

︎ Painting
︎ Hand drawing
︎ Adobe Illustrator


Painted Cooler

Right before COVID-19 changed everything, I spent the spring semester leading up to spring break planning, designing, and painting an IGLOO cooler to take to Alabama with some friends. I was pretty proud of how it turned out!


Graphics designed during the COVID-19 pandemic

“in this incredible time of strange upheaval and disruption, i’ve dealt with my fair share of anxiety and stress about the future and my academics and my friends and family, as everyone has. one of the things that has helped me find peace has been the faith i built—rather quietly—through high school and into college. my family has heavy involvement with the methodist church, and i have always been proud of that (i wrote one of my college essays about it!). i have found an incredible safety and comfort in the communities that exist within these spaces. i tend not to be overly outspoken about it—i know everyone has their own spaces and communities they fold into in times like this. that being said, in sharing these graphics i’m hoping to share some of the light i’ve been so lucky to have throughout my adolescence and young adulthood. i hope that there is solace to be found in the people around you, and that if not, there is solace to be found in the quiet and stillness we are all in, both together and in solitude.”

Wolfpack Outfitters 2020 Contest:

Winning t-shirt designed in conjunction with LilyGrace Wolfe

We entered our collaborative t-shirt design to the annual Wolfpack Outfitters t-shirt contest. We drew inspiration from old postcards, and each of the elements within the letters is a drawing of a campus landmark.

We were announced as the winners at the NC State vs. Florida State basketball game! LilyGrace was at a dance competition, so I represented us both at the game.

Greek Busts

Fifty states series

Over the course of 2019, I drew each of the fifty states with the state’s motto inside of it. Each state is available on stickers, mugs, t-shirts, and much more on my Redbubble.

Check out all fifty states︎

If you have interest in using your state for a tattoo or other outside reason, shoot me an email!